Create A Cleaner, Safer Indoor Evironment With Alexapure Breeze

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a common subject of interest. More people are expressing a growing concern for the quality of their inside air due to the impact that ongoing exposure to environmental toxins is reported to have on human health. Alexapure Breeze is a simple, yet revolutionary system that is fast taking all of the guesswork out of air purification. This equipment can effectively remove a number of common, indoor toxins and allergens for increased breathability, comfort and all-around health.

How Alexpure Breeze Works

This unit has sensitive, in-built sensors that intuitively adjust to noted changes within the IAQ. It also has an advanced True HEPA filter that can remove airborne particulates measuring as small as .03 microns. With five levels of control and and a quiet, fan motor, this system extracts bacteria, virus, germs and other matter steadily and efficiently by cycling the contained indoor air and blowing out air of a much cleaner and higher quality. It can cycle 120 feet every twelve minutes and it additionally boasts an incredibly efficient design for minimal energy use.

Relief For Chronic Respiratory Conditions

Alexpure Breeze is an ideal addition to homes in which household residents have chronic, respiratory ailments. The four-stage cleaning process that this system uses can create a far higher IAQ and less discomfort for these individuals. Airborne particulates like dirt, dust, pet dander and other debris can wreak havoc on the airways. These things can also exacerbate the symptoms of asthma, allergies and seasonal allergies, and COPD or cardiopulmonary disease. With this system in place, it will be much easier to manage these serious conditions.

Other Reasons To Use The Alexapure Breeze

The Alexapure Breeze system is not just for people with chronic respiratory conditions. This equipment is important to have in any building that has current residents. Viruses and bacteria within closed environments can multiple quickly if these aren't filtered out. With a top-tier air purification system, it is actually possible to limit or even prevent the spread of illness, even during the normal flu season. You'd be remiss not to have this unit if operating an in-home daycare given its ability to promote continued health in high-exposure settings.

Dust mites, mold and fungi can be extracted as well, as can pet dander. Pet allergies often quickly abate once fewer pet-related allergens are being circulated throughout the home. Best of all, this system can help you maintain your own HVAC filter a lot longer by limiting the amount of work that this essential, heating, ventilation and air conditioning component must do.